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The Temple Mount

Temple Mount. The Holy of Holies, the eternal subject of disputes between Arabs and Jews. Not all of them! And that is very important. That lane leads to the Temple Mount from the Israeli side.

Just like at the Wailing Wall, one must pass through the metal detector, and the religious Jews are not allowed to bring any items of "cult" :) and under no circumstances one is allowed to pray. The religious Jews are strictly accompanied by the police and, once inside, the Arabs watch vigilantly to make sure that Jews don't pray, even silently, that lips don't move in pray. :) This place is a terribly sensitive place for both sides.
The Kubbat as-Sahra (Dome of the Rock) mosque was built by Abd al-Malik in 691 AD. This is the place of the First Temple, the Solomon Temple, destroyed by the Nebuchadnezzar, this is the place of King Herod's Temple and this is where the Foundation stone is. Could be true or not.
Rather, the stone is there but is that a Foundation stone?

By the way, it is sometimes confused with the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is near located and there Muslims prays. The Al-Aqsa Mosque has a lead dome

Since we started before sunrise, we stopped to snack in falafel eatery in town. I have to say, once you
here, don’t miss it. This is simple, delicious and very cheap.
Step down from the Temple Mount to the Muslim part and to the right in first lane.
After a few meters from
the right side. By Lane, there the old man sits and you’ll reach the place ...

Streets of Old Town

Cheerfully painted walls


Walk through the Muslim quarter is traditionally ends in a very picturesque little old cafe ...
And what is the coffee!

Could we live peacefully, if not a fanaticism and rampant greed for money of some
people....I really hope that someday we will... I still believe in it.

more photos

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