суббота, 18 апреля 2015 г.

Holy fire. Jerusalem

Queue to the Calvary

People waiting to go to the stone of Unction

Holy Fire lit

Woman trying to make sure that the fire does not burn

People light candles from the Holy Fire

In the Ethiopian Church 

In Ethiopian Patriarchate ceremony has just begun

Religious procession through the streets of Jerusalem
  in the Holy Sepulcher

Girl singing along with all

procession of the Ethiopian Christian Church, one of the oldest,  moves between Arab shops along the road, paved Suleiman the Magnificent,   guarded by Israeli police, and from the balconies joyfully welcomes the local population.

In the courtyard of the Ethiopian Church of the Holy Sepulchre waiting for the procession

Does not stop prayer
Woman sells candles
In the rain  people  waiting for the Holy Fire -  continues church service

Holy Fire

стар и млад

Festively decorated streets of Jerusalem

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